Run for Palestine (RFP) uses LAUNCHGOOD as its fundraising platform. After the run, RFP asks LAUNCHGOOD to transfer all the funds raised to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). IRC then allocates all the funds to ‘AL SHIFAA HOSPITAL MATERNITY’ initiative.

This guide walks you through setting up an account on LAUNCHGOOD and joining the RFP 2022 Fundraising Campaign

STEP 1) Go to

STEP 2) Start creating your LaunchGood Campaign page!

  • Click “Start your campaign”
  • Set a goal with a set timeline
  • Add a description/message of why you are doing this and some information on the cause you’ve chosen, how will the donations help the people in need (usually can find this information on the website or contact us!)
  • Use an appealing picture that represents your campaign, you can also include a video to keep your audience more engaged!
  • Add as a member to further provide you support if needed

STEP 3) Submit for approval. It may take up to 72 hours for your page to be approved. You may email or for expedited approval

STEP 4) Share! Share with your friends and family using all social media platforms, word of mouth, emails, and more!

If you require any resources/material such as creatives for your campaign, infographics, messaging templates, email